"Em vez de pensar que cada dia que passa é menos um dia na sua vida, pense que foi mais um dia vivido." (Gustavo Bastos)

terça-feira, 6 de abril de 2010

Poema em inglês - The Feelings Of Tomorrow


When my eyes are opened,

I feel today like yesterday,

I like to swim in my heart

and get my tools

to break all the places.

I got so high these days,

I feel today like yesterday,

so I don`t pay for the priceless soul, then.

My selfish way got the design

of release,

from my desk I cannot write

the wright way I do love ...

What the hell?

Heart is pain, pain is peacefully

my feelings over my turns.

I feel today like yesterday,

and tomorrow I`ll never say.

02/04/2010 Gustavo Bastos